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Prefer Online Service?

We have you covered! Try webPOISONCONTROL® next time you need help with a poisoning. Download the link to webPOISONCONTROL®, the Poison Help Line and other important NMPDIC contact information to your cell phone by texting Vcard Toxic to 313131.

Note that you may be instructed to call your Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222 depending on the care that's involved with treating the poisoning.

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Do you need to ask someone the best way to take your prescribed or over-the-counter medication? Do you wonder about herbal products? Do you have questions about possible side effects of drugs, and whether you can take something safely with your other medications or while breast-feeding? The New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center can give you answers to these and many more questions. You’ve always been able to call us and speak with an information specialist, but now you can also e-mail us for non - emergency questions. Just send your questions about your medications to A pharmacist will research the answers and respond to you promptly.

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Crofab's Snakebite 911 Apps

Click on the icon below to download snakebite applications for all those who love the outdoors! There is also specific information for health care professionals.


In addition, two different snakebite posters created by AAPCC and BTG can be downloaded off our website under the poster section on this page:

Snakebite Prevention Video!

This video is full of helpful information about snakebite prevention and first aid from our very own world - renowned expert on venomous snakes, Dr. Steve Seifert.

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