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 Be Aware of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning!

The weather is cooling and it's time to turn on the furnaces. All fuel - burning appliances and machines produce carbon monoxide (CO). Visit our Web page to learn how to prevent CO poisoning.

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Lead Poisoning Prevention Week - October 19th - 26th

Did you know that lead particles can be carried in dust? Download the lead poisoning prevention handouts to learn how you can prevent lead poisoning. 

med spoonFlu and Cold Season

During flu and cold illnesses it is common to experience more than one symptom. The NMPDIC would like to remind folks to not take more than one medicine at a time that contain the same active ingredient. Visit our Medication Safety Page for more tips.




Program Your Cell With the Poison Help Number:  1-800-222-1222!

You never know when you might find yourself in nature tangled up in poison ivy or bitten by a venomous snake.qr help lineThis is why you should always have the Poison Help number handy when you need help with a poisoning. Please scan the QR code or program your cell with this very important number.

The Poison Help number is a national line that routes each call to the nearest poison center. For example, if you dial 1-800-222-1222 from anywhere in New Mexico you will be connected to the New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center (NMPDIC).

So be prepared when seconds count. The services offered at the NMPDIC are free, confidential and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Learn more about NMPDIC 

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