New Mexico Poison Control - Education Program Overview

The New Mexico Poison Center's education program consists of several components that are designed to educate the public about poison prevention, train health care professionals in clinical toxicology and offer clinical toxicology and drug information clerkships to students.  The components are as follows:

Public Education

Educate yourself about how to prevent poisonings from happening in and outside the home.  Poison prevention tip pages, lesson plans for educators and video games available.

Download or Order Poison Prevention Materials

Educational brochures, handouts, posters, refrigerator magnets / telephone stickers with Poison Center number and much more available for download or order.

Share Your Story

You can help folks prevent poisonings by sharing your poisoning story - or near miss - with other parents and caregivers.

Professional Education

Schedule a clinical toxicology presentation for health care professionals here.  Snakebite Flow Sheets and Antidote Charts are also available for viewing.

Student Information

Faculty and staff are invited to join New Mexico Poison Center staff and rotating pharmacy and emergency medicine students for updates on selected topics in clinical toxicology; dates for Clinical Toxicology Review Sessions are available for viewing.  Also, syllabi for clinical toxicology and drug information clerkships available for download.