New Mexico Poison Center - Public Education

Program Overview

The Public Education Program at the New Mexico Poison Center consists of a number of components that teach New Mexicans of all ages about poison prevention.  The links below connect our visitors to important poison prevention tips, lesson plans for educators, and educational video games. 

To further educate the public, Poison Center staff set up exhibits at community events, conduct presentations on a variety of topics, provide media consultations, disseminate media campaigns, and distribute educational materials throughout the state of New Mexico.

To Arrange an Event - If you require more information about any of our public education programs or would like to arrange an event in your community, please contact Jacqueline Kakos, Health Educator, at 505-272-1364 or jkakos@salud.unm.edu

To Set up an Interview -  If you would like to set up a media interview, please contact the UNM Health Sciences Center's Office of Public Affairs at 505-272-3679.

Poison Prevention Tips

Did you know that naturally occurring elements, such as iron or certain plants, can be toxic? Visit this page to find out what a poison is, what types of substances are considered poisonous and, more importantly, how to keep you and your family safe from poisons.  This page also contains links to poison prevention tip pages, each about a specific subject such as carbon monoxide gas. 

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Lesson Plans for Educators

If you are a community member, educator, or advocate who is interested in making a difference in the area of substance abuse or poisonings in general, you must visit this page!  Several programs are listed that cover a number of topics, target a variety of age groups and come fully equipped with fun and educational activities.  All materials may be downloaded electronically.

Videos and Games

This page includes educational entertainment for all ages including Toxic Jeopardy!  Educational videos about the New Mexico Poison Center can also be viewed here.

Additional Resources

The New Mexico Poison Center Web site offers additional information on poison prevention education.  The internal links to the pages below are helpful, particularly to parents and caregivers, in learning more about poisons, how to prevent poisonings from happening and how to become involved in our Poison Center network. 

  • Visit our Share Your Story page to submit your own story about a poisoning incidence.  By sharing your story, you can help others prevent a poisoning from happening and inspire individuals to become involved in poison prevention.
  • Visit our Resources page to learn more about like-minded organizations that promote poison and injury prevention.  Educational materials may be available through the Web sites listed.