Adults and Seniors

People often think that poisonings only happen with children.  While it is true that children are poisoned more often, there are actually more poison - related deaths among adults. 

Adults tend to get poisoned by accidentally splashing chemicals on the skin or in the eyes, breathing in toxic fumes from household products or chemicals used on the job, and either taking too much or the wrong medications.  The good news is that adulthood poisonings can be prevented by following the tips below.

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        American Association of Poison Control Centers

Poison Prevention Tips

  • Read and follow medications labels carefully. Put on your glasses and turn on the lights if necessary.
  • Keep track of medications taken throughout the day.
  • Read and follow labels carefully on household products. Never mix products together!
  • Store household products in their original containers to avoid confusion.
  • Make sure there is proper ventilation when working with household products or chemicals at work.
  • Use protective equipment when necessary.
  • Install a carbon monoxide detector outside of every sleeping area in your home; change batteries regularly.