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Please contact Mark Rudi at MRudi@salud.unm.edu for all media inquiries.

Dive Into Action!

It's summer, and critters have come out of hibernation to basque in the summer sun. Most are harmless, and those that can cause harm usually go about their business unless they feel threatened.

Beautiful plants and flowers are also in full bloom, some of which are poisonous. Be sure to always teach your children to never eat any part of a plant including stems, bark, seeds, berries or leaves. Learn more about warm weather hazards.

Remember that if you need help with a poisoning, we're here 365 days a year to happily provide you with expert treatment advice free of charge:  1.800.222.1222.

Save the poison hotline in your cell phone because you never know when you may need our help. Download the apps below for additional help at your fingertips!

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