Healthcare Professionals

Want to report a poisoning exposure but don’t need the poison center to help manage the care? Send us an email to pcc@salud.unm.edu. If actual or potential protected health information will be included in the email, send the mail using whatever HIPAA-compliant (secure) method your email system uses. For example in Outlook, all that is needed is to put *SECURE* in the subject line. Provide the patient name, hospital, MRN, date of birth, and substance involved, and let us know if you would like us to follow up with you on the patient.

Healthcare professionals may speak to a poison specialist directly at this exclusive number:  505-272-0064.

Professional Outreach Program

The New Mexico Poison and Drug Information Center provides training in clinical toxicology for many different healthcare professionals at a variety of locations within the State and University. Some of the professional education offerings are listed below.

Please arrange all on-site presentations and training with Dr. Steven Seifert, Medical Director. There is a nominal charge to cover travel expenses and professional time. Professional education must be arranged at least a month in advance and are subject to speaker availability. Please complete a request form or call (505) 272-4261.

New Mexico Poison Center Snakebite Flow Sheet

Antidote Charts

NMDOH Resources

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Webinar Presentations

Dr. Steven Seifert guides healthcare professionals through a series of toxicological subjects.