Caregiver Program Materials

This program utilizes a variety of methods to teach caregivers of all types about poison prevention and first aid, creating a fun and educational experience for everyone involved.  This program takes about an hour to present.  Program materials were borrowed from the Utah and the New York Poison Control Centers.


Program Outline

The program outline provides step by step instruction of how to give a successful presentation.  Necessary handouts and activity sheets are included in the appendices.  For adequate preparation, it is recommended that the program outline is read carefully before presenting the program.

PowerPoint Presentation

This PowerPoint follows the program outline.  It is provided for the convenience of the presenter in instances where the appropriate equipment is available.

New York City Unintentional Poisoning Video for Parents

This animated video teaches caregivers how to prevent and, if necessary, react to a poisoning that occurs in the home.  However, the video can also be used for caregivers in a professional setting provided that a relevant discussion follows.  This easy to follow video was developed by the New York City Poison Control Center.  Both English and Spanish versions are available.  

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