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Your story can make a difference. Hearing from parents and caregivers is an important part of how the New Mexico Poison Center spreads the word about poison prevention. Stories about poisonings – or near misses – can inspire and educate other parents and caregivers on ways to prevent those events.

Tell us your story below. How has an exposure or poisoning affected – or how could it have affected – a friend, a family member or pet in your life? (view other stories)

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What Happens Next

After you submit your story here, the Poison Center staff will review it carefully. We wish we could personally address every story submitted, but we cannot. However, there are resources on this Web site that may help you learn more and become an active part of the New Mexico Poison Center network.

Your story does not have to be written perfectly. Your name and your story will not be shared with anyone without your explicit consent in advance.

If your story is timely and similar to many others, we may contact you about bringing your story to a wider audience.